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Why would I use FundedLeads and not Crunchbase Pro?

Crunchbase is a great database for looking up startups and figuring out who recently got funded. And on first look, it may appear cheaper than FundedLeads. The big difference, however, is that FundedLeads allows you to export an unlimited amount of contacts from its database. Crunchbase Pro users get 10 free contacts to unlock each month, and additional export credits can be purchased (e.g. 100 contacts for $29 / month).

Hence, Crunchbase becomes a lot more expensive very quickly compared to FundedLeads. Moreover, FundedLeads’s leads are verified with Zerobounce.

Why would I use FundedLeads and not Apollo or Zoominfo?

Apollo and Zoominfo are good tools for marketers who want to find B2B contacts in most industries. Looking to reach out to HR professionals in the food and beverage industry? Use them.

However, if you are looking to speak with a more niche audience - namely founders of venture capital-funded startups - FundedLeads is the right tool for you. While Apollo and Zoominfo also let you target this specific segment, FundedLeads has two advantages. Firstly, we give you more data and verified data around contact information, funding, the company itself, etc. Secondly, there are no export credits. That means you can download as many contacts from FundedLeads as you like. Both Apollo and ZoomInfo limit your exports to ensure you stay subscribed for as long as possible instead of getting the most value upfront.